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I am a professional floral designer in the Portland metro area, with over a decade of  flower design experience.
I specialize in Weddings, but provide a wide variety of floral arrangements for Events, too.
My focus is on quality floral, designed for each exclusive individual, attention to detail and uncompromised customer service.
Each event is handled personally by me, from the consultation, ordering, designing, and delivery.
Starting with your complimentary consultation my goal is to make sure your wedding, or special event is picture perfect.  Please contact me so that I may answer any of your questions and learn a little more about you and your vision for your special day.  




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  1. Hi Diana,
    My name is Leah. You might remember me; I’m the one who was helping with decorations and stuff at Mikayla Leishman’s (now Sanchez) wedding at Calvary Chapel.
    So here’s the deal, I am not engaged yet, but it’s in the works and I’m doing some preliminary research for the wedding in order to gauge my budget.
    How much would you charge for 5 bridesmaid boquets, a bridal boquet and 8 boutonnieres and mayble a couple corsages? Just an estimate is fine. I’m just looking for a general price range.

    Thank you,

    • Hi Leah,
      I am sorry I didn’t respond sooner. I just received your message. I usually charge 50-75 for bridesmaid bouquets. It really depends on size. Flowers available. The brides bouquet is usually bigger. I charge about 75-100. Same thing depends on size, and kinds of flowers. The boutonnieres are $12 and corsages are $25.
      When you are ready, I can help you with your budget. Mikayla’s reception flowers were very simple, I provided the vases, and that allowed her to get more for her money. They were very lovely, but were reasonable. I do not get my messages right away for some reason on my web-site, please just call, or email me. or 503-703-1672.

  2. Hello, I am planning my mothers wedding and are looking for flowers. I liked your elongated center piece with hydrangeas. How much for this arrangement with possibly orange and purple (the wedding colors) and maybe white hydrangeas? With the accents.

    • Hi Kashe,
      I’m assuming you are talking about the centerpiece on a table that is flat. It would be about $75.00. However, it can be made smaller or bigger. Yes, we can use hydrangea, but need to know the date to know what orange and purple flowers are available. Would she need any bridal bouquet, boutonniere or corsages? You can email me with more information, or we can set up a date for a complimentary consultation.,

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